Custom Cases

I love working with wood and do something contrasting to my day job and musical work. At some point, I started building a case for my modular system. It was fun and the quality of the very first prototype pretty good (I was surprised myself). So I did the next one, and another one and… You get the picture. By now I occasionally build a case to give it to the outside world. For me, it’s not about building the cheapest case possible, but also not the fanciest one, but high quality, high usability, high durability cases. This is why I am not compromising on some components. For example, I only use rails with screw strips produced by a precision metalworking company from Germany. Instead of loose counter screws, that are much cheaper, but basically, suck in usability. Also, I go for quality power supplies from Tiptop Audio or Deopfer for my cases if you want one. If the much cheaper power supply from Mean Well is wanted – I only sell it to you with proper bus boards that eliminate unwanted distorting sounds.

Soon you can find my cases on eBay.

If you have custom wishes please get in touch. As I collaborate with a professional furniture builder actually everything from a simple 3U 30hp up to monster wall filling cabinets is possible. Just drop me a line and we can discuss what you need.

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