Bandcamp page for 25 YEARS LATER… available now!

Hey Folks!

I just created a page for 25 YEARS LATER… EP. I made the price “pay what you like” – so you can get a download version of the EP for free if you like. However, if you want to support my music making, feel free to pay a couple of bucks 😉

Go and check out my page now!

25 YEARS LATER… now available on SoundCloud!

Hey Folks!

I have put all tracks of 25 YEARS LATER… also on SoundCloud for all of you who do not have a subscription to one of the major streaming services. So enjoy there as well!

New EP will be out soon…

My new EP “25 years later…” will be released in January. It’s a collection of 5 songs mainly with electronic flavor. I created it in the last 3 month with a lot of help from old friends. The release will be at beginning of January and it will be available in all major streaming platforms. So stay tuned!


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