This is me… Kai… I founded the project New Electronic Frontier to catch up with my musical history.

As part of the famous local bands “Herdentrieb” and later “Delano Peak” I kind of stopped my musical work for nearly two decades just to come back – this time solo.

A lot of things happened in between, so my style changed a lot. But like everything in life, also music is a journey. I invite you to take a part in mine. Just as a listener. Or if you are interested also as a fellow musician to collaborate on music. New Electronic Frontier is just me at the moment, but that can change anyway soon. I see it more as a container for a collaborative project.

I started out making music in 1997 with my first band Herdentrieb. In 1998 I co-founded Delano Peak, a cross-over hip-hop combo. With Delano Peak we played more than 50 gigs in all major venues in Hannover and surrounding.

My tracks are electronic music with elements of house, drum and base and ambient mixed with vintage synthesizer sounds. I like to mess around with experimental sounds and analog synthesizers. However I have tons of influences from other styles from pop, rock, hip hop and much more. I like to listen to most kind of musical styles and get inspiration from there.

My sound is often straight forward, with punchy beats, synth pads creating an atmosphere and subtle elements floating around. My early influences are pop bands like U2, REM and Simple Minds. Later I fell in love with the trip-hop style and artists like Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead, Lamb, UNKLE and The Prodigy.

With Herdentrieb and Delano Peak we had a couple of demos out in the open, but 25 YEARS LATER… is my first release as solo artist. At the moment I am working on more songs to be released. Also I check out possible collaborations with other artists. And for sure a first gig is in planning.

When I’m not making music I’m working for an internet company, build custom eurorack synth cases and help startups to grow. I live and work in Hannover, Germany with my wife and two kids.

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